Wonderful Alaska

Wonderful Alaska

Where do I begin! When someone says: "Alaska",  I use to think of a place out of this world. However, now I have a better, clear picture, what a difference it makes you will see for yourself too perhaps, one day, if you have not.

On arrival I had a strong sense of it being a forgotten place, then it made sense; people visit Alaska in the summer, so that they can be away from everything that has to do with the busy life we are accustomed to. It was towards the end of winter when we arrived, I did not like it at first sight, simply because it was too cold. I love sunnier days, cloudy and rainy is just as good but can we not be at the highest freezing point?!

I enjoyed the quietness of Alaska, there was no pressure for me to get busy with trying to explore the whole region in one go. I had enough time in Alaska. For someone who is fond of outdoors, minus the cold Alaska is perfect. You can go hiking, running or see the Glacier; it is all about land and sea scenic adventures.

It is in Alaska where I experienced the world’s largest Zip rider, the thrilling obstacle courses. I met amazing people, I ran with people I adore, read and danced listening to music I love. I had as much coffee as I could take, I took the tram to oversee the harbor, my mind was full of wonder and I was happier.

How can you Alaska without crab feasting? Exuberant costs for everything, but then again who knows how long it’ll take you to return to Alaska?

Then Hubbard Glacier happened, so many tears of joy, my friend Meghan held me in tears, as we could not believe what we were seeing. Getting to Hubbard Glacier week after week never got any tiring. It became another Antarctica experience of its kind.

As I stand now, I would advise Alaskan getaway for anyone who wants to find themselves or is seeking clarity of sort in their life.