Welcome Home

Welcome Home

I have always loved travelling, and for most part, at this point in my life, it has not been for leisure but work, either as film, photo or broadcast crew in distant lands and seas.

Work travel has been quite a thrill, I have lived most days wishing I could experience the life I have bask in with most people I love yet I also got to grasp the idea of taking in life’s moments with every fiber by myself for myself and let those I desire to experience the world with live vicariously through my lens.

Pre-Covid19, going in and out of South Africa to all corners of the world was a game I got really good at and loved. All I ever needed was just about 48 hours notice and I’d pack my stuff and hit the road, the joy of being young!

Never did I ever think that one day I will struggle to travel back home, be stuck in a foreign state, trapped afloat for over 100 days. That I will travel in the oldest Air Zimbabwe flight with no entertainment for over 16 hours, that I will arrive to a shutdown O.R Tambo in sheer darkness and no movement.

It’s early morning of June 26, as we exit the only point open for international arrivals, there’s escorts and vehicles waiting for us to hop on so that they can send us to our mandatory government designated quarantine facility. Behind the last shuttle is police vans, such a VIP moment, only I felt like a criminal, as we were a threat to them and the rest of the nation.

Fourteen days mandatory quarantine at a government facility happened and I would not wish it upon anyone, not after you have already quarantine so much anyway, but if it helps minimize the cases in our country so be it.

I have been reunited with my family, and it feels great. However, I am still processing the past few months and I strongly feel the need for space to connect with myself, nature and recover from an experience I least expected. I am keeping up with things I love, exercising, eating healthy, drinking lots of water and fixing my sleeping patterns.

As gruesome as returning home has been, I am really grateful that South Africa never closed the borders for the residents.