Scenes Of St.Kitts

Scenes Of St.Kitts

I took a three hours tour to explore the beautiful island of St Kitts, and it was worth my time, simply breathtaking. We departed from the town area, Basseterre, which I had previously explored on my own. As it would be for an Island, Basseterre is a small town. We began by discovering notable landmarks in the area, the Independence Square (where slaves were sold or traded in the past), Museum, and the Parliament Street; a short yet informing introduction of Basseterre.

I loved how the tour guide took time to tell us not only about the historical events but to give a shout out to vendors who are mostly local farmers selling fresh fruits and vegetables. I feel that it is important to not overlook those who make the system function.

As we drive off the one-way island, I was attracted to the beauty you see beyond the town area, beautiful weather was showing off all the attractive colors St Kitts has to offer. Before making any important stops we drove past a house known to belong to the richest man in the island, the famous windmill, deserted sugar cane farm and the two best universities in the Island. Apparently majority of the students are from the United States as tuition is highly affordable for them.

We made a stop at the famous F.Mount hotel turned into museum with restaurant; there was a lot to learn and pleasing views from the top. The rain forest was also a favorite for me and this was just before the major highlight stop where the Atlantic Ocean meets, extraordinary, breathtaking views.


- E.N