Overwhelming Antartica

Overwhelming Antartica

One of my favorite actors of all times is Javier Bardem, yes, the Academy Award winning Bardem whom I’ve had the privilege of being a crew member in one of the films he leads. I also believe in coincidence, so I pay attention to a lot of what is happening around me. While browsing my Instgragram one day, Javier’s strong activism work with green peace shows up; the images I saw depicted Antarctica as the most freezing point possible, yet I suddenly wanted to take part in any manner. I felt a strong desire of being in that space. Bardem and team are focusing on saving the Antarctic, not only by keeping it clean but also by lobbying decision makers to do right with the Antarctic.

Now I believe that the strong desire I felt to be in the Antarctica was some form of warning, yes, the signs that the universe gives out, for little did I know that I would be in Antarctica few weeks later, a coincidence I should have really seen coming. Although I was there for different work purposes, my world was opened to greater heights. Seeing the sun shining, highlighting penguins on ice felt like a dream, never have I seen such beauty before, beauty that needs to be saved by all of us.

I loved Antarctica and when I speak of my time with RCCL this will always be a highlight for me, one that has completely changed my trail of thought on saving our environment. I am happy to have seen Antarctica once, but I wish for more generations to be able to experience what I have and for the species to not lose their homes.

I am still overwhelmed by the whole experience; I had my gaze fixed on the Ice that surrounded us for as long as I could. Seeing the whole team working together so that we all enjoy the experience as safe as possible made me believe in humanity!