Covered In Ice

Covered In Ice

I have realized that people who have not been to Iceland imagine it in the same light; those I have encountered, at least. They ask questions I use to ask myself a lot. Although it was never on the bucket list (I do not have one), I have always seen Iceland as an ideal destination. It also just felt out of my reach, which made it specia, is this what buck lists are made of? Well, making it there at last, felt like a blessing. All I have ever pondered was clrear, why is it called Iceland? Is there ice everywhere? Is it always cold?

Behold! When I arrived in Iceland, mountains were covered in snow; you can only imagine the freezing point, it was cold! Seeing snow for the very first time in my big age, running on the streets covered in ice, I hated it, it was too much, not fun at all. I regretted being out there; it is beautiful, and ideal but I am not a cold weather person, so that was extreme for me, way too much.

Minimalists around the world would make Iceland a home easily. I must note that it is the most expensive country I have visited to date, not for the locals perhaps as their average hourly wage is just as high, matching their lifestyles, I was told.

Other than exploring magnificent natural and man-made wonders (Golden circle, Blue Lagoon, etc.), there is nothing much to do in Iceland, a home to small towns, people are pretty awesome. Life is cold and calm; if it were not for the latter I would definitely make it a home. I also find the way their power is generated extremely intriguing; the whole city relies on renewable energy. 

- E.N