Awesome Argentina

Awesome Argentina

Getting there

Traveling from Johannesburg to Buenos Aires has to be one of the most thrilling trips I have ever taken. I felt some sort of connection with Argentina before I even got there. It took me a total of 27 hours flying time; can a girl get any further? From one tip to another! There has to be an alternative route in the future, some form of straightforward path.

Except for the economic challenges facing most parts of South America, I enjoyed my time at unique places that remain a dream to most; Buenos Aires and Ushuaia, so for me, they have become part of a lifelong memory. I also believe that if a chance presents itself, you should not think twice about visiting these two places.

Buenos Aires is buzzing with colors of the art scene the soul needs. The architect in the city gives you a sense of being in France. I fell in love with the friendly people, the friendliness is worth noting because you are warned to be extra careful at all times, so seeing that the locals are thriving to make their environment safe you learn to navigate with a single stereotype at the back of your mind, not at the center.

There is so many activities you can get up to; feasting at the market, trying your luck with tango moves and simply living on your own terms in a foreign city that offers the best of both worlds; if you don't enjoy the buzzing town area you can enjoy the evergreen parks and various national monuments.

Ushuaia is a dream I never saw materializing so soon in my life, well, it feels seemingly soon. Known as where the world ends (the most Southern point), Ushuaia is beautiful, and feeds everyone who is fascinated by breathtaking natural wonders. There’s an endless list of sightseeing to devour, not only is Ushuaia the only other point you can use as your getaway to Antarctica, but you can hike the hills on mountain bikes, go on that coast horse riding that gives you so much joy. And if Penguins amuses you, then a visit to Magellanic Penguin Colony is a must. I am grateful to have experienced Argentina in the best possible conditions, I had enough time to explore the city of Buenos Aires again and again, and I was fortunate enough to have friends who showed me a good time in the night. I had an awesome local experience filled with nightlife adventures I would have never gotten to experience fully solo.


Basic Spanish will carry you a long way #ThaseInSouthAmerica