An Australian Summer

An Australian Summer

I have had wishful thinking of exploring all seven continents yet Australia was never quite on the ‘right now’ bucket list or dream.

Given the history and social context South Africans associate Australians who migrate from Azania, I was not sure if it is a place I would feel welcome.

On arrival, after many hours of travelling, I was vigilant, reading the room of every space I enter, only to soon discover that I could be at ease and live a little.

I grew up in a place where it was easy to become immune to heat than anything else, so the hot weather in Australia surprised me yet it was the summer we yearned for. As I stand now, I feel like I know Australia more than any other country after my own of course.

I got to explore the best parts just the way I wanted to, there is so much to do in every big city and small towns, thus I have compiled my highlights below:

  • I am an African who has been to various safari experiences yet Australian ZOO in Brisbane is a must for me. It is sad that I visited the zoo shortly after the wildfires had destroyed many species, leaving a lot of animals endangered. Nonetheless, I felt so alive holding the Koala and just seeing other animals in their elements.
  • Wherever I go I try to have the Café lifestyle experience and Australia offered that and so much more. The wine life and fine dinning is worth noting too.
  • Sydney-Harbor became a homeport for over three months and there was so much to discover. You can do all touristy activities; Sydney eye, Bridge climb and so on. Bondi beach is an experience everyone’s lips and Blue Mountains deserve a mention too.
  • Making it to Port Douglas, a seaside village, which is a getway to the Great Barrier Reef, and Daintree rain forest, remains a unique experience. I truly fell in love with hip café and bar culture of North Queensland.
  • Cairns is another gateway to Great Barrier Reef, it has a lot of other activities too, such as, Sky rail, Kuranda train, and more, you can fully immerse yourself in the indigenous culture too.

And lastly, if I was to move to Australia today I’d definitely head to Melbourne, such a welcoming city for people like me, I purely enjoyed the positive vibes.