Amazing Antigua

Amazing Antigua

Like most islands I have visited, Antigua’s town area is deceiving; it appears to offer very little, a bit neglected too. I have been to Antigua a number of times, and I have sort of loved the idea of it, without travelling many miles away from the town. The genuinely welcoming people who are comfortable in their own skin, truly nice once you have a chat with them made me admire Anitgua.

Driving out of the town you see that Antigua is nothing short of Amazing. It is a clean island, the further away you go the more wealth you smell. I enjoyed overseeing the panoramic view; it got me falling in love with the sea again and again. I just didn’t want to move, I wish I could have stayed longer, to busk on the glory of its beauty, quite an obsession.  

I was on a few hours guided tour and I could not help but think how most of these islands are similar. How they came to be, ways of living, employment rates and what they depend on to sustain their economy.

Exploring UNESCO Heritage site, Nelson’s Dockyard museum was a major highlight for me, a must visit.

I make friends easily, and I have a home in Antigua now, that is just how lovely the people are. I also bumped into a former colleague who has relocated to the island for greener pastures, if I had it in me, I’d up and go too. I don’t think I could spend forever in these Islands. Visit Antigua for the best South African wines (yes), Mango catch up, Rum and lots of yum yum pasta. Make friends, live a little more! 

~Elelwani N