Aloha, Hawaiian Dream!

Aloha, Hawaiian Dream!

I cannot say I have always wanted to go to Hawaii but television made me see it as an ideal destination. So when I discovered that we would end up there at some point, I started imagining what it must be like.

Kona, Lahainna, Maui would go on to become the friendliest places I have ever been in the United States. It is not everyday that you visit a place and you imagine yourself spending forever there, yes, that is how I feel about Hawaii. It reminded me of Africa, I felt connected to the people and the place itself on a whole spiritual level.

In Honolulu I was the most free girl the world has ever met, I was myself, the air was filled with such liveliness, the Hawaiian true spirit. What keep the momentum going in Hawaii is that everyone arrives with the desire to make it a trip of a lifetime, and as you know, energy is everything so Hawaii becomes the whole package.

I explored Hawaii by myself, with friends and then topped it off with various tours that showed me how dreamy the place is. I had my first Submarine adventure in Hawaii, and that was mind blowing, still can’t believe the whole process. I went for coffee tasting of a lifetime, spent the day lazing in the beach with my friend, we dined as the sun set over Lahainna and danced to the best local authentic tunes. I went to various museums to learn as much as I could about the history of this unique, loved place.

And in Hilo we hiked at the Volcano national park, which was spectacular to witness, the island is picturesque. Akaka falls a must; you can easily take a young run there from the town center.

 Believe the Hawaiian hype! #ThaseInHawaii