I must start by noting that this was not my first visit to Botswana, in 2014 I found myself in Gaborone and it was smaller than I had imagined, development wise.  What I loved the most was the people and their loving spirit, you just felt wonderful energy lingering in the air, well, at least that was my experience. 

Thus when a short notice invite arrived last week, I knew I would have to try by all means to make it, find my self in Botswana; a place that reminded me that Africa is just one village. However, this time around I was to be in Kasane, I imagined it would be better than Gaborone as it is known to be a strong tourist attraction site. I just never bothered to google you know, I wanted to be met with an element of surprise

Kasane turned out to be nothing I imagined, but it was more than okay, I love secluded spaces, nature is a bonus. Apart from it reminding me of a Hout Bay and the township next to it situation in Cape Town, I loved it. It does not make sense that a road can separate people with such a huge Class gap and yet everyone lives on as if it’s okay. 

Well I got to explore the bush that is Kasane in its fullness and it was breathtaking, I had to put the camera down and let it all sink in while it lasts. I loved the service from the people of Cresta Mowana, where we stayed, the tour guides were extraordinary, and the sunsets fed my soul.  A day trip to Victoria Falls was unplanned and a bonus; this has been a weekend to remember!

-Elelwani N