“We learn as we go”; this has proven to be a saying that has stood the test of time in my life. When you are out in the world on your own, your mind expands, you meet people from all walks of life, and you choose how you want to navigate this planet, well at least that has been the case for me.

 Exploring important ports of call in Ireland taught me a lot, most of them are filled with so much history that needs to be known, a cultural heritage that must not dare die, a storyteller in me insists.

 Starting off with Dublin; there was so much hype around it, I was keen to see it for myself, and it delivered!! Daytime the city served amazing Café’s and artistic murals I could never resist. Think; Trinity College, the castle so rich of art, etc. In the night, did we party!! The infamous Temple Bar was crowded and fun, it is a pity they close so early for a South African like me. 

 We moved to Cobh, a town that has become one and only I’ve been to that has endured tragic events, one after the other; consider Titanic and Lituania . A great loss of life! I would like to say films and documentaries I have watched about said events seem to do justice to the true occurrence yet reliving it virtually hits home on another level. All exhibitions and tours I went on left everyone quiet, there was just nothing more to say. 

 Another place worth noting is Waterford/ Dunmore East, pretty village, with nothing much to do but explore nature itself, I was on a reflection mode there, inevitable; it’s the green and the waters. In Waterford town the Vikings fascinated a lot of people, not my cup of tea but worth mentioning, I suppose…

 I have to mention Belfast, which is Northern Ireland; I have to state this fact as I heard people make an emphasis on it being more of its own state as to your Dublin and other places I cited above. I loved Belfast; it is beautiful, I thought. Here you will find the titanic commemoration museum and other notable castles. It has its own opulent history; also to be honest, Ed Sheeran sold it to me and imagined the day I would finally make it there, obviously, naturally. The city hosts some amazing café’s, just what a girl lives for out here. 

E. N