When the travel bug bites, it leaves nothing! A vulture of some sort I tell you. I do not remember where I heard the following saying: “ if you have hands and a functioning mind, there’s always something you can do in life” and that is what inspired me to embark on a journey that takes as much as it gives.

I will spend the next five months slaving and roaming the world with her luxurious MS Celebrity Eclipse. I expected the worst scenario, in terms of working conditions but I have been met with surprises! Well, in the next few months I will be posting blogs about the places we go, that is certainly enough to keep me sane, I hope. I will also make room for whatever stands out. As a vacation mode dictates, expect lots of post about stunning beaches around the caribbean, island living!

We are currently in the Caribbean, I have been to this side of the world before, and I am glad that the itinerary is different this time around. This is an introduction post which will be followed by detailed posts with specific excursions or individuals outings I will be part of.

We left Miami for Basseterre, St Kitss & Nevi, the only port I’m visiting for the 2nd time on the list. I went there with her Marvellous MS Independence Of The Seas. It is Known for being where the Indian and Atlantic Ocean meets, the view is pleasing from up there. Make sure you see the next post about Scenes Of St.Kitts, beauty!

Next port is St John, Antigua which I find to be such a lovely place, the clean side of course. I think this will be my Jamaica of some sort, I will be getting my hair done in this Port, I saw some good stuff. Lunch was cheap and just as good, they have South African wine too, the best!

And lastly Bridgetown Barbados was nothing close to what I imagined in my head but I had to pay homage to Queen Rih!! The town is small, comes across as neglected. You will definitely love their Turquoise beaches! I think that is the fuss about it, I think, I think. I will also cover the Panoramic St Lucia, and where to go in St. Thomas.

I find myself more attracted to the Dutch Caribbean side of life, they are so colourful and pretty, a fresh air lingers in the air. Being more specific, I got sold to Curacao and Aruba at hello.

Curacao was lovely the moment I stepped out, it just kept getting better the further we went.

I am told that Aruba is in the middle of Curacao and Venezuela, which is pretty cool. The modernity of Aruba is attractive, you find amazing apparel shops, your fancy everything. There’s a mall of some sort as to corner markets, great bars too, stunning palm trees and lovely beaches!

We go to a lot of beautiful places with unending adventures. I enjoy being in all these different places even when they are not ideal or a dream destination, they offer new insights about the world at large.

Keep your gaze locked on here for more personalised posts.

Be a Spark!