Sometimes as you are doing this life thing you meet those whose first impression will stay with you forever. I met Nthabiseng Mosiane almost two years ago when Moyin Oroluntoba brought together a kickass team to cover the J&B Met.  I was producing stills and Nthabi was to be on video mode.

Well, as we got to know each other throughout the day, while on the job, I discovered that Nthabiseng and I share a lot in common and these are the people you need to surround yourself with. She’s a filmmaker, film blogger, a documentarian and a lot more, so am I. Not only did the profession brought us together, but also, our love for film and African cinema at large, sealed the deal. We would part ways with so much to be discovered, coffee dates were due and here we are today.

Nthabisneg’s latest show African Legacy has just finished its successful run on the Fox Channel. She has now been selected as one of the five women filmmakers in South Africa for the Trace Urban competition/ initiative.  I am proud and I do not know anyone who is more deserving of this opportunity than Miss Mosiane.  I am rooting for her to take the first prize home, as this will mark another career high. Getting the financial support to produce your own work is what everyone dreams about. See Nthabiseng’s piece here: .  Share with your people!  She is one to watch; yet to soar. I hope to work with her someday!