I  met up with a good friend of mine, one of South Africa’s rising stars; talented actress with a strong sense of where she is positioned in the industry, Shalima Mkongi.  I believe that once you grasp your position, focusing on the bigger picture becomes easier and you are likely to acquire that which your eyes are set on, as you will be taking necessary steps.

We spent the day making what we call “comfortable portraits”, unplanned shoot that we had to do in the spirit of keeping our souls nurtured creatively every day. The idea was to keep it natural; from make up to the poses.  It all just had to be another day in Mkongi’s life.

Such impromptu photo-shoots are normally followed by talks of our struggles, what we have acquired so far, future projects and simply where we see ourselves headed.  This was no different, we have just completed a 48 Hour Film Project Cape Town challenge and we are about to go separate ways again. Shalima has a number of auditions coming up and I am determined to find the money to fund multiple projects we have conceived together. Enjoy looking at our recent images!


Elelwani N