I woke up in the morning yearning for some fresh air, and with its “One Happy Island” slogan, Aruba delivered.

It took few seconds for me to fall in love with the place; the sight of the endless green palm trees was enough. It is crazy how the soul can be pleased easily. It felt safe to just take a walk around; I later discovered that the crime rate is extremely low; you can be out and about at any time of the night.

I have taken the time out to discover this island by Sea and Land, I learnt a lot:

It is fairly small, yet very modern; you find theatre houses where you can watch latest blockbuster films; just what I live for.  This alone puts it on the top of my list.

I have been to many beaches around the world but Aruba is pretty and pleasing! At sunset even more glorious, more like MyCity ;). 

Aruba is an island for shopaholics, you name any world-renowned label I cannot afford, and you will find it!!

It is not cheap; everything is imported into the island, food, etc., so this leaves no room for bargains.

And lastly: Its panoramic view gives you a sense of how small the island is, you can climb up to this highest point in just 10 minutes.


One Happy Isalnd

~Elelwani n