Curacao is said to be situated about 60km north coast of Venezuela, it is also classified under what is known as the ABC islands.  It is beautiful, full of lively and colorful diverse heritage. It has strong Dutch influence; a country on its own within the Netherlands.  The town, Willemstad is a UNESCO Heritage site.

At first sight, given that you have been to other Caribbean islands, you notice how Curacao is different; clean and developed.  I have had many say the boat yard is a mini Venice, well; it makes me think of Amsterdam.

 Here is how I have spent most of my time in Curacao:

- Discovering the Town:  in just 10 minutes I had discovered favorite spots in curacao, seen the art sector, the main/ infamous church, local markets and everything pleasing to the eyes.

-Starbucks Dates: I know this is not a unique adventure but it is quite an obsession for me, recovering coffee and croissants addict.  It makes me feel I am in the world I know, sense of familiarity.

-Make Up Shopping: This is important, only a handful of the islands we visit have M.A.C Stores, in fact in all eight destinations we have been visiting I would say only three have great MU stores.  Girls just want to have fun.

Wines & Cocktails:  Where there’s strong Dutch influence there’s great South African wine, so Curacao is also that place for me. I look forward to having a glass of something and spending overnight cocktailing.

Beach Time Out: Although I have resigned from lying on the sand, being at the beach remains one of the most soothing experiences. I love just looking into the crystal waters, and Curacao offers that in over 35 beaches, as small of an island as it is. 

Must visit!

~ Elelwani N