I have realized that people who have not been to Iceland imagine it in the same light; at least those I have communicated with. They ask questions I use to ask myself a lot. Although it was never on the bucket list (I do not have one), I have always seen Iceland as an ideal destination. It also just felt out of my reach, which made it special. Making it there at last felt like a blessing. Going back to the frequently asked questions; why is it called Iceland? Is there ice everywhere? Is it always cold?

Behold! When I arrived in Iceland, mountains were covered in snow; you can only imagine the freezing point, it was cold! Well, seeing snow for the very first time, running on the streets covered in ice, I hated it, it was too much, not fun at all. I regretted being out there; it is beautiful, and ideal but I am not a cold weather person, so that was extreme for me.

Minimalists around the world would make Iceland a home easily. I must note that it is the most expensive country I have visited to date, not for the locals perhaps as their average hourly wage is just as high, matching their lifestyles, I was told.

Other than exploring magnificent natural and man-made wonders (Golden circle, Blue Lagoon, etc.), there is nothing much to do in Iceland, a home to small towns and people are pretty okay. Life is cold and calm; if it were not for the latter I would definitely make it a home. I also find the way their power is generated extremely intriguing; the whole city relies on renewable energy. 


- E.N