St Lucia is one of the Caribbean Islands that was under the French colony, the tour guide who was driving with us to the beach explained. It is said to be the only island named after a woman in the whole of the Caribbean, that sort of makes it special, history fact.

At first glance St. Lucia is extremely green, but you soon discover why, as a tropical island it rains every twenty minutes, literally. One moment it’s pouring the next the sun is shining like nothing happened. You will find yourself asking why it has so many stunning beaches if you are going to have to be dripping wet from the five minutes rainfall. What follows the short heavy falls is the stunning rainbow. I have not been to St. Lucia and not witness a full on rainbow, think 180 degrees with all the colors as vivid as they can be.

Compared to other islands I found their food to be a little bit price, local beer too, but then again I could have just found myself on the wrong side of the island, the one that is expecting the tourist than the other. I spent the day at the St Lucia Yatch Club located on the Caribbean Sea side, which is more developed than the Atlantic seaside. This explains some of the tight prices; they have to capitalize on the tourists as their economy thrives on tourism.

They had the cheapest umbrella and complimentary beach chairs, so that was a bonus for me. I am not getting in the water these days, beach sand has not been friendly to my skin and brads, so I’ll have to hunt pools wherever I go, wish me luck. St Lucia is definitely a pretty island to experience with your partner and no one else, the kind of island that will make you feel that the entire world is yours. Give yourself time to step out of the busy small town area and see it’s glory in the outskirts, I did and it was worth it. The kind of beach break you should experience in this lifetime.