There are places my soul just wants to explore solo, Liverpool happened to be one of them, surprisingly. I had no feelings for this city yet I was not interested in taking part on any group activities. I stayed away from any conversation that includes “so what are you doing tomorrow”.  In my head “sorry, not today!” was the chorus on replay!

Liverpool is infamous for the Beatles, it is Beatles everywhere, they are said to be synonymous with the city, which is how they are praised, long live! Well, my first stop as I walked to wards the Liverpool Museum was to pose with the statue dedicated to the Beatles, it is known that their last performance was at the Empire Theatre December 5th 1965.  Thus the statute is a tribute from the fans worldwide made possible by Cavern Club.

There is a lot to discover by just talking a walk through town. It is artistic, I saw myself fitting into their culture through art. There were various exhibitions all-round, in mere coffee shops too; even street beggars are making captivating art of some sort. I felt at ease quickly, became a local at hello, I think. I did not do the Stadium or other touristic stuff because I yearned to reconnect with myself in a new city, peace and own pace type of mood. It was lovely…