I have been out of Cape Town for quite some time and being able to participate in this year’s 48 Hour Film Project was beyond my wildest dreams, it seemed far fetched, like one of the many things I would have to do with missing. Well, I thought I would be back in the mother city mid September. Well, as my luck would have it, I was home early August and the kickoff weekend was to be first weekend of September; I was fueled, simply ecstatic!! I just knew that as tired as I may be from roaming the world, I have to at least try be part of the project once again this year. I was too nostalgic, last year’s experience was one to reminisce, to be experienced one more time when life allowed and it did.

Well, I made it to the kickoff event and the room was filled with that filmmaking vibe you’ll only know if you have been in a room filled with filmmakers before… so we picked the genre from the hat and elements that were meant to be included in our films were given to us and the competition began! The Character’s name was to be Jonathan or Jenna grey who is the President of ANYTHING! The mandatory prop was earphones, easyyy, I thought! With my luck, I wasn’t surprised that we chose War/Antiwar genre from the hat, man, I was hacked but we delivered.

Well, a lot happened during our filming session that made me feel that my team would not submit on time, from not having location of the story we ended up birthing to actors who did not have an understanding of the nature of the project and having other commitments! I was shocked to see team Thase as one of the earliest to submit; it all fell into place after all, I thought, to myself.

The following weekend we went to Cinema Nouveau V &A Waterfront and view our films in the big screen, so exciting, it looks so much better than on your MacBook editing suite.  It felt good to see the picture bigger than we’ve seen, ticklish, trust me!

While still here, it was lovely to see one of the people who inspire me as part of the audience, film director, Oliver Hermanus came to support his people, I gathered. I was interested on hearing his thought on where we are as young filmmakers after seeing all that but it would too soon as we still had twenty-five films to go.

I watched all the groups throughout the day and as me being such a great judge would have it, all the films I loved, which I mentioned on twitter; Beautiful Boy, A Wavering Daze, Through Three Doors (I must say there’s more) were nominated for important awards and also took home what is well deserved at the last ceremony that took place on Friday. This includes my very own baby #1948! We scooped seven nominations and took home a significant category, Best Actress!

With that said, the whole competition just made me feel that all other sectors deserve platforms like this, where they are challenged to produce work in such a short period of time, it helps you realize that you can do it! All you seek is courage. I feel well prepared to keep being the kickass Indie producer I am! 

Elelwani N