Hard to Get

Hard to Get

After seeing the trailer I decided on the spot that I was going to watch Hard to Get when it hits the cinema. The film, I believe, opened this year’s Durban International Film Festival. Unfortunately I couldn’t make it. I got to watch it two days ago and it was worth my hard earned coins.

Hard to Get is directed by Zee Ntuli, first time feature film director. The film explores things which are hard to get (I concluded). Ultimately though, it is a love story tackled in a gangster manner, thrilling traditional crime genre.

There are quite a number of things I liked about this film; an outstanding performance from the leads. I have a thing for great performances; the actors did a stellar job. Cinematographers worked! Picture looks great. It was refreshing to see the female owning up her space.

Although a bit predictabl, the narrative is satisfying. I was not sold with some of the editing style choices that took me to an advertsing world. Other than that, Ntuli did well! I enjoyed watching his film.