A Hidden Gem of An Actress, Crystal Donna Roberts

A Hidden Gem of An Actress, Crystal Donna Roberts

We sat down with South African actress, Crystal Donna Roberts, I would say a hidden gem if you ask me. The moment I met the older Krotoa, I wanted to know the actress’s name. She was believable in every manner, and to a certain extent, her performance held the controversial Krotoa(film) together, you want to see more of this deeply invested character. You can imagine my fixed gaze on the rolling credits…I got the name and I was to do what a professional does, reach out.

What I discovered made so much sense, Roberts is a seasoned performer. I was not surprised, Roberta Durrant’s casting is always on point, so of course she would go for someone she believes to be capable of bringing Krotoa to life, truthfully.

Chatting with Roberts you gather that to be a successful performer, you have to make tough decisions, the industry demands that you do, and she did. She had to give up a dreadful yet financial stable teaching career she embarked on after Drama School. It was not such a bad choice after all, if anything; it inspires you to follow your dreams. She started freelancing as a professional actor in 2009; it has not been an easy journey but a fulfilling one...given the noteworthy titles she has been part of, you can easily say she has become one of our prominent film actors.

Discover what inspires her, how she felt about portraying Krotoa and her thoughts on the nature of South African film on the video link below…


 - E.N