Thriving Lima

Thriving Lima

I am fascinated by names and their friendliness to the tongue; Lima, the capital and largest city of Peru is one of those places. I have had the privilege of visiting Lima this year and it was a lot more than what I expected, very different.

Unlike other cities, with all the safety warnings that came on arrival, I witnessed tourists fully immersed in supporting the local street vendors with excitement. I guess it comes with visiting a city that is now known to be a region that has lost its civilization, so you take what it offers; that is you travel with mentality of embracing anything you will find.

Lima’s rich cultural heritage offers a range of historic monuments, prominent and kept examples of the colonial era; these are also listed in the UNESCO’s world heritage site. The monuments / Plaza Mayor are guarded by a strong force of police, which gives you a sense of the place Lima has become.

Apart from the historical attractions one can enjoy culinary delights Lima has to offer, it is something I can vouch for just like anyone I got to experience the food with. I would go there again just for one more dining!

Thinking about the living conditions in Lima makes me want to take a long deep breath. My relationship with South America is complex, there is what I’ve read, that, which is projected by the media, which you cannot base an overall image of a place through. Then there is my short-lived excursionist experience. While keeping in mind all tips we received about being extra careful to avoid being a crime victim, I lived and experienced life with, through the locals who are also trying their best to thrive in the only place they know with the desire to make it better.

That is what remains the bigger picture of my experience in Lima, the people are thriving through it all. #ThaseInLima