Story Of A Baked Brownie

Story Of A Baked Brownie

I hope the tittle does not make you think of cakes and if it does, well; you are not far off! Brace yourselves for a wave of African girls who consciously make a decision of embracing who they are everyday, proud to have spent their lives being baked by the hot red early rising sun. 

The Story of a Baked Brownie is a short film directed by Elelwani Netshifhire, written by Monde Kawana with Kondwani Banda. It is a visual perfomance piece dealing with self-image and colorism issues in a positive, uplifing approach.

The image of black, darkskinned women has been “questionably constructed by the media, producing warped definitions of beauty and self-worth which have not only proven difficult to ascribe to, but also affected our confidence thus capping the potential we have as vessels for dynamic change.”

We brought this piece to life with hopes of asserting our identities as black, darkskinned women, as an affirmation to ourselves, and to encourage others like us around the world to see themselves as they should, confident and powerful. It is our hope that in sharing the film with the target audience, we can spark a deeper conversation about unity and love for our uniqueness.

We will be having various screenings in the beginning of the year, a number of festivals on our radar and other events, so stay tuned!

Proudly baked Thase!

-Elelwani Netshifhire