Buzzing Brazil

Buzzing Brazil

Many people want to visit Brazil; I was one of them at some point. Fortunately, the box has been ticked and new destinations awaits.

Growing up, I use to have friends who ask if I’m ever sad because my energy was always on 10 (high). And now, I remember being fully immersed in the queer cinema in film school where Brazil was a major reference for its abundant history with the subject and simply being the electrifying city. Thus I had a very strong feeling that one day, when I finally make it to Brazil, it will be a wild adventure, I did and it was fiery!

I ended up in Brazil sooner than I thought, all by chance, thanks to crew life that keeps on giving the young and willing hearts. Filled with so much excitement Brazil was buzzing, a dream. We made it to Rio before the Carnival and it was beautiful, the colors, art murals and all, I was alive! Visiting the Christ the Redeemer statue was a top priority and it happened, not once by twice! During the Carnival Rio was very busy, various parades everywhere, the energy was a lot, so much I felt that I have had my fair share. I could not believe what the city got up to underneath their most esteemed statue. Well, that is Rio for you, life of the party, always.

Ipanema and Sao Paulo did offer me a unique calm experience; a side of Brazil tailored for vacationers and I imagine it to be more pleasing when visiting at their least busy times of the year.

You then have luxurious islands such as Buzios and ilhabella, these are places I would move to if the pockets allowed. Not only are the people friendly but the population is not dense and the beautiful beaches are endless.

My overall experience of Brazil is remarkable, I had a great time with my colleagues and friends, I felt so beautiful, safe too.