About Us!

Thase means spark in Tshivenda. It is with this notion that we create; reflecting a burning desire to tell beautiful stories, truthfully. It is also a word of endearment for the most beautiful, carefree, daring woman in the room.

There, you have it; the aim is to produce meaningful, vibrant and global appealing content with main focus being on stories of women who dare sparkle on, in their field. A visuals home specializing in FilmPhotography and Digital Media. Utilizing these powerful mediums, projects are seen through conception to final production stages.

Thase services extend to promoting excellence in African film and beyond.

Elelwani Netshifhire


Elelwani Netshifhire is a passionate storyteller; writer, filmmaker, photographer and digital content producer with a traceable body of work in media production. 

She has worked on various leading international and local film productions as a script supervisor and/or script editor including The Whale Caller, The Last Face, Roots, Bloodshot and Back to School Mom.

Elelwani is well equipped by the University Of Cape Town's Film & Media Department, University Of South Africa and University of Southern California’s School Of Cinematic Arts.